Fashion Tips- How to choose your own style?

What do you think, does the label itself create the clothes? No, they don’t. It is as simple as that unless you are a celebrity who is going for a walk on the red carpet. We as common people need to understand our own fashion needs and comfort. People tend to look out for fancy clothes which are totally uncomfortable on a daily basis.

Top 7 Fashion Tips:

Fashion Tips

By keeping the below mentioned seven basic principles in mind, you’ll look nice anytime. Also remember, these fashion tips are for general audience if you need to tweak them a little according to your taste, don’t hesitate. By the end of the post, you will be totally clear and will be able to choose your own style that compliments you.

Step 1: Identify the body type you have:

Noone in this world looks the same or have the same body type, thus measure your form, arms, legs and trunk length, shoulders (some of you might have broad shoulders), hip, waist and thigh form and dimension. By these measurements, you will get to know your overall body form. Okay, now you’ll think this is not possible for me. You can do this by standing before a mirror with somebody measuring your body on the mirror. And at the end, we just want to measure the areas you wish to cover or intensify.

Step 2: Be yourself:

This step is for all body forms. You definitely should wear clothes that match properly. And wearing tight clothes does not make you feel tiny. Rather it indicates that you have got gained weight and did not wear clothes that are loose. On the other side, carrying saggy, very loose clothes don’t work either. You will only make a fool out of yourself.

Step 3: Just because it fits you, don’t buy it:

Just because you get your measured size, does not mean you must wear it. If it does not suit you, that is not meant for you. You don’t have to wear a dress just because someone else looked good in it. A couple of years ago, you only could not be seen publicly if you were not carrying low-rise pants/jeans. However, seventy-fifth out of a hundred, of the ladies in this country shouldn’t wear them. Currently, at this time, our opinion of walk-up pants might not be thought with the remainder of the style industry’s opinions however we all know what we have a tendency to see. Additionally, bear in mind that there are totally different varieties of pants and a few of this unfortunate fashion state of affairs might are avoided by the fashion. These pants create long torsos look longer. The tiniest quantity of excess weight or fatty tissue within the middle is emphasized which looks really, really bad. By all this what I mean to say is-  wear clothes that suit you instead of wearing them looking at the trend.

Step 4: Find colors that compliment you:

People say that the black color suits everybody, but sadly that’s not the truth. Colors sold within the stores during a specific season might not be yours.That is why you should look to see the correct colors for you, and when or if you find them, it should be done. If you are not positive, look for a wardrobe adviser for a few skilled facilitate. It’s definitely worth the time and cash. An example will be like, suddenly it will look like your skin is glowing, your eyes shining and you were well prepared to require the globe by storm. Individuals will start to notice, for sure. Now some might ask the question, “What does one do once your colors aren’t in the stores?” Once the most colors aren’t yours, you’ll sometimes still notice that accessories will help you to enrich your base items or you should check out the store for last year’s clearance of stock.

Step 5: Time to start building your wardrobe:

By now, you may have conquered the main challenges: First, knowing your body. Second, knowing your colors and the third which is not changing into a fashion slave. Thus now is the perfect time for you to build a personal wardrobe. However, here are a couple of suggestions on what you must have. You’ll get to regulate in keeping with your life, however, bear in mind the key to any triple-crown wardrobe has things which will be mixed and matched with different things. Please note that we have a tendency to aren’t calling it off the list by summer and winter. A number of your things are year spherical and a few are the seasons.

fashion wardrobe


Work pants – 3
Casual pants – 2
Evening pant – 1.


Work skirts – 2
Weekend/fun – 1
Dinner evenings/social events – 1

Jackets or Coats:

Suit jackets for work – 2
Casual jacket for weekend/fun – 1
Evening jacket – 1


Tennis shoes/sneakers – 1 pair
Black/ brown/ navy casual shoes – 2 pairs
Work shoes (black/brown/navy) – 2 pairs
Stylish Boots for winter/Sandals – 1 pair
Evening shoes – 1pair


Worktops/blouses – Should last a week at least.
Weekend tops – 2; Tshirts – 2
Evening top – 1.


Not all shapes lend themselves to carrying dresses. However, if you’re keen on dresses, you must have one for work, another for play and a 3rd for the evening if you have got plenty of social occasions.

Step 6: Give it a thought before buying:

Unless you’re shopping for a brand new base piece, do not buy an associate item because you might have already got 3 things in your wardrobe.

Step 7: Budget:

Fashion Tips budget

A pro tip: Spend the majority of your budget on the bottom items. You can thank me later. Quality base items can last and can stay trendy. Fill in your wardrobe with accessories with the rest of your wardrobe budget. Usually, the trendier or additional seasonable items and have a shorter period in your wardrobe. And for those of you who don’t have a wardrobe budget – get one.

We cannot presumably cowl all of the do’s and do not of fashion in one post. Tough, if you follow these seven steps, it will help you to get you started. I’ll like to remind you that it is very crucial to understand your body, be realistic and choose and wear what was created for you, not what was created for a super-model.

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