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Top 5 Components of Physical Fitness: Today’s post will cover the most important topic which is the lack of knowledge about the Components of Fitness. A person involved in this field must know the 5 components of physical fitness because they are the basic elements to learn fitness. For all those people out there thinking that being fit is only looking good in swimsuits, fitness is much more than that. A person thinking, “Whoa, I can bench press x amount of weight or I can squat with this much weight, so I am physically fit.” This is in fact, not entirely true. Fitness just does not depend on one factor, it depends on multiple factors. Yes, but if you are fit in all the Components of Fitness mentioned below, you can proudly say that you are physically fit. There are mainly 5 components of physical fitness which I have mentioned below, but there are other factors too which are equally important.

Components of Fitness 5 components of physical fitness components of physical fitness

Components of Fitness
5 components of physical fitness
components of physical fitness

Fitness is your ability to do physical activities. But fitness differs from sport to sport. A particular sport needs specific skills and strength that is required to excel in it. One might be great in one sport but not so good in another that doesn’t mean he is not fit. Although, fitness doesn’t mean being fit for only one sport. One should consider being physically fit overall.

Top 5 Components of Fitness are:

        1. Muscular Strength:

  • Muscular strength is basically the strength that helps you lift weights. With no muscular strength, one’s body would be weak and would not be able to lift/carry heavy objects.
  • How to increase it– Make the habit of lifting heavy during a workout. This will help the body to adapt to the increasing weights, making your body to increase muscular strength.

        2. Muscular Endurance:

  • Muscular endurance is one’s ability to perform contractions for a longer time span. It is the ability of the muscles to perform a certain lifting/carrying exercise for a longer time like say in minutes and not only in seconds.
  • How to increase it– Instead of doing fewer reps with heavy weights, start training with more than 20 reps with light weights. This will increase the endurance by affecting the muscle fibre needed for endurance.

        3. Flexibility:

  • Flexibility is often overlooked in terms of fitness, but actually, it is very important and essential component for a person to be considered as fit. Flexibility helps the muscles/joints to move and not make them stiff. One should definitely include flexibility training in his/her schedule as this will help the body to move freely and the body will not suffer from many injuries.
  • How to increase it– Try stretching your body a little every day. And if possible, include some stretching exercises in your warm-up. This will keep your body flexible daily.

        4. Cardio vascular Endurance:

  • Cardio vascular Endurance is the ability of one’s body to keep up with the cardio exercises like running, jogging, cycling, etc. During cardio, the body has to work for extended period of time and also the heart rate increases constantly and with the less cardio vascular endurance of your body, the body might not be able to cope up.
  • How to increase it– Add cardio exercise before any workout and if you already have cardio in your schedule, try to sprint or try to jog on a raised platform.

        5. Body-fat composition:

  • The amount of body fat a person’s physique has. For Eg, a person having weight 100 pounds will have a body mass of 75, if he has a 25% body fat composition.
  • For a person to be counted as fit, Men should have 17 % and women should have 24 % of body fat composition.
  • But, a normal person will have a body fat of 18-24% for men and 25-31% for women.

These were the main 5 Components of  Physical Fitness. Although these are not all the components, they are enough for a person (at least for starters) to call themselves as fit. The other components are:

  • Agility.
  • Speed.
  • Balance or Coordination.
  • Stamina.
  • Accuracy.
  • Power.

All the above-mentioned Components of Fitness are a must for a person to call himself to physically fit. All of these might not be possible for everyone to practise regularly, though one can always keep a track on himself about his fitness routine to include as many things as possible while training. But for those who don’t even include these 5 Components of Physical Fitness, you might need to start working on preparing a schedule that will include them as they are very necessary for a person to be physically fit.

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