Personal Fitness Merit Badge-[Explained]

Personal Fitness Merit Badge: Are you looking for an article that explains what is Personal Fitness Merit Badge? Or do you want to know about the procedure or requirements for a Personal Fitness Merit Badge? Or what physical fitness test you need to give for the same? Well then, you are at the right place. This detailed article will walk you through the entire procedure for obtaining your Personal Fitness Merit Badge or any other related merit badges.

What is Personal Fitness Merit Badge?

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

It is one’s desire and effort to become the best version of itself. To earn the badge, the trainee needs to go through a 12-week program despite his current physical state. The trainees will need to fulfil the athletic requirements to complete the program which will make them tougher,  will have more self-confidence and will make a better version of themselves.

Requirements for Personal Fitness Merit Badge:

  1. Prerequisites: If the candidate’s religion does not allow any of the requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate, the candidate can opt to not fulfil that particular requirement (but only if the parents of the candidate or his/her religious advisers state in writing that it is against their religion).
  • The candidates will need a medical report from a doctor ensuring the eligibility of the candidate as per this form. Then the candidate will be required to answer a few questions related to the examination taken by the doctor and they will need to explain the following:

–     What is the importance of physical exam?

–    Why is exercising regularly is important and why are narcotics and alcohol bad for health?

–    What are the symptoms of cancer?

–    How can some of the diseases be prevented?

  • The candidates will need to have a dental examination with a proof of the statement that the doctor has examined the teeth and you will need to explain how to take care of your teeth.

2. You will need to explain your examiner the following:

  • What are the elements of individual fitness?
  • And the causes why you should be good in all of them.
  • What is mental health and why it is necessary?
  • What is meant by being socially healthy?
  • What are the remedies if one is social, mentally or physically unhealthy?

3. The following questions need to be discussed with the examiner:

  • Do you have any disease?  If so, what do you do so that it doesn’t cause you any problem?
  • Have you taken all the vaccines recommended by your doctor?
  • Explain to the doctor what is a nutritious diet and what does your diet include?
  • Whats your weight and structure and do you know how to bring it in control?
  • Do you have energy left after your daily routine to perform other activities?
  • Do you have any bad habits that could harm your health like narcotics, alcohol consumption, etc?
  • Does your schedule include exercising regularly?
  • How is your sleeping schedule?
  • Do you emphasise on religious activities?

4. The following will be on physical fitness:

  • Whats your strongest and weakest physical component?
  • Do you know about the Scout laws and the Scout Oath? If yes, how do the components relate to them?
  • What is the need to have a balance between the components?

5. The following will be about nutrition:

  • What do you mean by balanced nutrition and what is its need?
  • How are fitness and nutrition related?
  • Name the three components of the fat control program.

6.  Now the candidates will need to pass the following to gain their Personal Fitness Merit Badge need to record them and improve in the weak areas:

  • Aerobic fitness test.
  • Body flexibility test.
  • Muscular Strength test.
  • Body composition evaluation.

7. A 3-month schedule of your physical fitness should be designed keeping in mind on improving the endurance, exercise intensity, and the warm up as described in the Personal Fitness Merit Badge pamphlet.

8. Now, the candidates need to complete the schedule designed by them and a daily record of personal fitness should be kept( for instance, the number of reps, the time taken during an exercise, heart rate during an exercise, how much distance you ran, swam, hiked or cycled. Repeat all the above-mentioned tests every two weeks and the records should be maintained. After the last week that is the twelfth week, repeat all of the activities in every three test categories, keep a log, and show your improvement.

9. The candidates should find out opportunities if one has to choose this as a career. Afterwards, he has to find out what training, education is required and what amount of experience is required if one has to opt this field. Discuss what you find out with your examiner and give the explanation why you have an interest in this field.

So, these were the requirements for gaining the Personal Fitness Merit Badge. Also, the requirements mentioned above in 6 and 8 are taken from the Personal Fitness Merit Badge pamphlet.

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