50 Funny Workout Quotes {Updated}

Hello all. Today I will be sharing with you all the funny workout quotes, fitness quotes, your favorite gym quotes, motivational gym quotes that you always wanted.These funny workout quotes about exercise will give you a cool edge over the most hyped topic Fitness. These funny workout quotes will help you realize that you are not the only one stressed about getting fit. They will help you inflate your funny muscles. These funny workout quotes and fitness motivation quote will help you feel relaxed. Now let’s read them all.

The 50 Hand-Picked Funny Workout Quotes:


 Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

I’m so unfamiliar with the gym, I call it James!

SORE-The most satisfying pain.

I just like to run. Running’s my favorite.

Good things come to those who sweat.

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body.

The reason fat men are well natured is they can neither fight nor run.

Getting fit is all about mind over matter. I don’t mind, so it doesn’t matter.

I could feel my anger dissipating as the miles went by–you can’t run and stay mad!

Funny Workout Quotes


Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.

The key to getting healthy? Avoid any food that has a TV commercial.

Sore from a workout is better than being hungover after a party.

You are what you eat. So, don’t be easy, cheap or fake.

Sweat like a Pig to look like a Fox.

Just fall for the process, and you will see the results.

Sweat more, Bitch less!

Weight loss is not a physical challenge. It’s a mental challenge.

Skinny is not sexy, Healthy is.

It is much easier to stay in the shape only if you won’t let yourself get out of shape at first.

My favorite machine at the gym is the Television.

My favorite exercise is a cross between a crunch and the lunge. It’s LUNCH.

Fitness is 20% exercise and 80% Nutrition.

If God had wanted me to touch my toes, he would have put them on my knees.

Whenever I have the feeling to exercise, I just lie down until the feeling passes.

My logic of exercise is a nice brisk sit.

More Funny Workout Quotes:

 The best excuse not to go to the gym is that you just got back.

I never run with passion. Those last two words were unnecessary.

I firmly think that changing sides at night should be counted as a workout.

I don’t get why people pay to exercise in a GYM when it’s FREE to not exercise.

I pass my time at the gym doing dirty squats.

DIET stands for Did I Eat That?

The right way to perform an exercise is- Anything that hurts most.

A daily intake of alcohol is a great way to stay in shape.

A good woman keeps her mind right and her body tight.

It’s my own battle, and I’m seeing my body take on my mind… BIG TIME!

You can tell a rider’s fitness by the shape of his ass and the veins in his legs.

What if there were health food stores on every corner, instead of liquor stores?

No Muffin Top.

Most Funny Workout Quotes fitness quotes gym quotes motivational gym quotes

Most Funny Workout Quotes fitness quotes gym quotes motivational gym quotes


There are no mice on my shoulders…I have got too many traps.

I am going to be strong today. I tried it yesterday and I think I am hooked.

I am not going to miss 95% of life to weigh 5% less.

I am either- a) Not at the gym or b) Leaving the gym.

The GYM is my therapy.

The good thing about exercising every day is that you can die healthier.

Stop using the medical system and start using the self-care system.

That Awkward moment when you are wearing Nike’s and you can’t do it.

If these peaks were any bigger…I would have snow on them.

Exercise feels best after it is finished.

Just used my feet to pick up my remote… Must be Leg day.

Just saw few people jogging and it inspired me to get up and close the window.

funny workout quotes

Funny Workout Quote

There are some quetions that you might find funny. Maybe even you might be getting these questions on a daily basis and can relate to:

  • Why does every label say it can make us Fat or cause Cancer?

It sounds like we will not eat or drink something because we are constantly being told that it will make us fat or cause cancer. We try and eat canned tuna to eat less fat and that we get poisoning. We tend to eat fruit and vegetables for the vitamins and fiber and again someone will say the pesticides provide us tumors. We tend to eat chicken and someone will say we will get the mad chicken disease and also add that currently, farm-raised salmon can cause swine flu. Wine is either sensible or dangerous for you and that depends on whether or not you eat it with cheese or with crackers! What happened to the great old days when we used to get fat from intake of an excessive amount of pieCurrently, I hear you’ll get cancer from worrying regarding obtaining cancer.

  • Low-Carb brewage:

Do beer corporations seriously believe that they’ll get folks to believe that they are offering diet beer? With all their bets that has one gram fewer carbs in a very tablespoon than the opposite, they appear to forget that it’s truly the ALCOHOL in their product that creates you fat! Not solely will alcohol primarily snuff out your fat-burning enzymes, it will also preferentially keep it as fat and seriously mess up your body’s production of muscle-building hormones like an androgenic hormone.

I guess speech “low-carb” will sound higher than speech “watered-down.” Next, they will be adding alkaloid and Gatorade to that and label it “high-performance brewage.”

  • Nutrient of the Week:

Did you hear? Froot Loops are currently healthy because of the reason that they contain more Calcium! They contain more calcium for somebody determined to feature a giant bag of chalk to the honeyed Georgia home boy they create it out of. I’m looking ahead to the day once an inventive seller takes a bit of plain sheet chalk and sells it as a “Calcium Stir Stick” for your beverages.

I simply like it once a product that is been around for thirty years abruptly proclaims it’s currently “fat-free” or “low-carb” even if it is often been and everyone is aware of it. “Fat-Free” or “Low-Carb” water isn’t the revolutionary product it’s created intent on being. But what extremely takes the cake are sustenance corporations that with pride bestride the nutrient bandwagon crying “See! We’ve had it all along!” since their pills are so much compressed and unabsorbable you’ll still be able to view the whole stamp on them.

  • Creating Low-Carb Foods Out Of Foods That should not be Low-Carb:

Orange juice simply should not be low-carb. I do not care what they are saying. If I would like low-carb fruit crush I am going to add my very own water rather than paying the juice company to feature it on behalf of me and charge me further for the privilege. that is all I actually have to mention that.

  • Making an attempt to Pass Unhealthy Foods Off As Healthy:

Pork Rinds fatless – currently with twenty-fifth less fat, sodium, sterol, lead and cyanide. Even if you are taking some token proportion of the dangerous stuff out of a nasty food, it’s still about to be a nasty food. It’s like shopping for reduced fat lard – it’s still lard. It simply includes a nicer name currently. Anyway, it is so straightforward to cut back the fat in a very serving by creating the serving smaller, what is the point? Who’s about to sit down and eat simply three cheese doodles?

When I eat a food I do know is dangerous, I do know it’s dangerous however generally I am simply about to eat it anyway. I am not about to sue you for creating unhealthy food. No one is pointing a gun at my head to eat it. I do not believe for a second that slightly reducing the “perceived naughtiness” of a food somehow makes it “healthy.” Therefore please do not attempt to sugarcoat this delicious garbage unless it’s for flavor.

  • Costly excretion and alternative Supplement Bashing:

There are doctors even to the current day with the belief that taking vitamins can solely end in costly excretion. They believe that you simply will get all the vitamins and minerals you wish in a very diet. sadly, the sole diet some folks get is once they are making an attempt to hold three dishes to the table in one hand. Jumping straight to prescribing pricey medication to mask symptoms to those who ar in all probability simply urgently in would like of basic nutrition is that the epitome of pricey excretion, in my opinion.

And then there is aminoalkanoic acid. you will keep in mind the excitement many years agone once a number of the “don’t-confuse-us-with-the-facts” media jumped on a story regarding the deaths of some high school wrestlers. They were taking aminoalkanoic acid to enhance their performance therefore clearly it should have killed them. It definitely wasn’t as a result of they were taking long steam baths in rubber suits and exercise intensely while not drinking adequate water so as to urgently create the weight for a wrestling meet. It should be the alarming supplement that did it as a result of no one has ever died from harmful dehydration or heat stroke, right?

Hope you found many interesting and Funny Workout Quotes and also you might have the same questions as meThe above 50 were the Top selected Funny Workout Quotes Ever made. These fitness motivation quotes were hand-picked by me to present you the best servings on the plate. These fitness quotes or gym quotes surely might have made you feel a bit lighter about the most stressed topic of all time.

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