Complete Batman Workout [Updated]

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Complete Batman Workout: All those Dark Knight fans out there might have noticed the change of physique he brought to his character “The Dark Knight”. The Cape Crusader has gotten size, shape and muscle. And what else? He’s gotten more aggressive and tough enough to clash with the Man of Steel. The character playing the Batman Ben Affleck has brought justice to his character in the Dark Knight by the crazy transformation he went over. The Ben Affleck Batman Workout as we know is designed in such a way that the exercises that are generally used to gain muscle are used here to shred. The director Zack Snyder said in a conference that in order to give proper justice to the role of Dark Knight, Ben had to gain huge muscle. In order to play a superhero, Ben had to gain muscle while shredding and a limited time of 4 months. Though the actor had a huge batman suit, he wanted to look as huge underneath.

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Though the actual Ben Affleck workout of the actor started before four months of shooting, the initial training of the actor had started when the actor was training for ‘The Town’ which was in 2009. Thereafter for the movie Argo, so the actors training had started long back unknowingly. The actor’s trainer Walton Norton Jr. had to make a beast out of the man. Then, they decided to call the training Batman Workout.

The actor knew he had to go up against Henry Cavil who is the Man of steel, the Superman in the 2016 movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Therefore they had to work tremendously hard to bring out the Dark Knight from Ben.

Ben Affleck Body:

Height: 6’4”          Weight: 208 lbs

Chest: 44”              Waist: 36”

Biceps: 17”

The so called Batman Workout is as follows:

Monday Workout: Upper Body
Exercise                                           Sets               Reps
Bench Press                                    4                    10
Military Push Press                       4                     8-12
Arnold Press                                   4                     8-12
Seated DB Press                            4                     8-12
Pullup                                              3                     10
Dips                                                 3                      12
Biceps Curls                                   3                      12

Tuesday Workout: Back | Lower Body

Exercise                                          Sets                   Reps
Wall Squat                                     2                        10
Air Squat                                        2                        10
Walking Lunge                              2                        10
Deadlift                                          4                         4
Deadlift                                          3                         3
Deadlift                                          4                         2
Rowing Machine                           6                         2 min

Wednesday Workout: Lower Body

Exercise                                         Sets                      Reps
Wall Squat                                      3                              5
Goblet Squat                                  3                             12
Lunge                                              3                             20m
Squat                                               3                              8
Giant Squat                                    3                              5
Box Jump                                        3                              30 sec
Jump Squat                                    3                              30 sec
KB Swings                                      3                              8-12

Abs Workout:

60 Sit-Ups
60 V-Ups
60 Reverse Crunches

Thursday Batman Workout: Upper Body

Exercise                                       Sets            Reps
Bench Press                                3                  8-12
Arnold Press                               3                  8-12
Man-Makers                               3                  12-15
Rear Delt Flys                             3                  12
Biceps Curls                                3                  12

Friday Workout: Back | Barbell

Exercise                                       Sets               Reps
Deadlift                                       5                      5
Clean and Press                        5                      5
Front Squats                              5                      5
Barbell Squats                           3                      20
Front Squats                              3                      12

Saturday Workout: Lower Body

Exercise                                      Sets                Reps
Wall Squat                                  3                      5
Goblet Squat                              3                      12
Giant Squat                                3                      8
Squat                                           3                      5
Box Jump                                    3                      30 sec
Jump Squat                                3                      30 sec

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This heavy workout routine was because the director of the film wanted the actor to look like Pro-MMA fighter. The director wanted Ben in the physique which was heavy and bulky but also at the same time it was swift and flexible to suit the role he was playing. The necessity of the role was such that at some scenes in the movie Ben had to look like a real badass. The actor had to be very consistent which he was to achieve such a huge transformation in the small time span.

Ben Affleck Diet:

Proper diet and exercise both play an equally important role in achieving such a huge physique. Ben’s nutritionist, Rehan Jalali told that Ben’s diet was well balanced which consisted of 45% of carbs, 35% protein and the rest 20% was the essential fats the body needs to grow. The actor was very promising in following the diet provided by the nutritionist. He consumed lean protein from turkey and chickens breast and egg whites. Oat meals, all the leafy vegetables and most importantly brown rice were the sources of carbohydrates for him. His evening snacks would include almonds and an apple.

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Ben Affleck Batman Workout Diet Chart:

  • Pre-Workout Meal: Supplements and protein powder.
  • Breakfast: Oatmeal, a banana, egg whites.
  • Morning Snack: 1 Protein Bar.
  • Lunch: Baked chicken breast, 1 cooked sweet potato, flaxseed oil.
  • Evening Snack: 1 apple, almonds.
  • Dinner: Baked salmon/chicken breast, Brussels sprouts and spinach.

The Dark Knight’s role was quite a challenge for the team including the actor and the trainer himself because they had to carve a powerful and superhero type of physique on screen. People watching the movie should be able to believe the man behind the Batman’s suit. Ben’s team was a huge success in their jobs and the movie too was a huge success.

Hope, you’all found the Ben Affleck Batman Workout routine.

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